Botanical Range

Natural Australian Native Line

Our Australian native collection is designed to benefit all skin types, as our uniqueLime
combination of ingredients help to restore balance to the skin, regardless if the
skin is oily or dry, our products will increase or decrease oil flow accordingly.
The products have a beautiful Lemon Myrtle aroma with a hint of Australian
Lavender & Native Orange, making this range ideal for both men and women.

Our key native ingredients include Lilli Pilli, Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Desert Lime
& Wild Rosella which have all been used by the native Aboriginals for thousands
of years.

Australia’s famous Macadamia Oil is used throughout the range, this oil is among
the closest of all botanical oils to human sebaceous oil (sebum).
This range is natural, gentle and packed with vitamin rich native extracts which
help to repair and balance the skin.

Key IngredientsMango
• Lilli Pilli
• Kakadu Plum
• Desert Lime
• Lemon Myrtle
• Quandong
• Australian Lavender
• Wild Rosella
• Native Orange
• QLD Mango
Essential Oils
• Lemon Myrtle / * Strengthens capillaries * Anti-oxidant *
Stabilises Vitamin C *
• Australian Lavender / * Calms * Soothes * Comforts *
• Australian Orange / * Detoxifies * Increases collagen production *

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