Enzyme Range

Naturally active line for all skin types

This range contains a blend of enzymatic fruit powders, oils andOrange
extracts that gently help dissolve dead skin cells and increase cellular renewal on
a daily basis.

Our tropical essential oil infusion includes Sweet Orange, Lime, Bergamot &
Juniper which is refreshing, zesty and invigorating.
We use a tropical cocktail of fruits including Papaya, Pineapple, Strawberry,
Mango, Lemon, Orange & Lime which all have their own unique benefits including
refining, hydrating, softening & toning.

Fruit enzymes are a lot gentler on the skin compared to most other AHAs, making
this range suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Key Ingredients

• Papaya (Oil, Powder & Extract)Pineapple
• Mango (Powder)
• Pineapple (Powder)
• Strawberry (Powder)
• Lime (Oil & Powder)
• Lemon (Oil & Powder)
• Orange (Oil & Powder)
• Coconut (Oil & Powder)
• Vanilla Bean (Powder)

Essential Oils
• Sweet Orange / * Detoxifies * Increases collagen production *
• Lime / * High in Vitamin C * Astringent *
• Bergamot / * Antiseptic * Balances oily skin *
• Juniper / * Unblocks pores * Detoxifies * Anti-inflammatory *papaya-fruit

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