Please be aware our Sempré Natural Skin Care Range is highly concentrated.

Locally Sourced Ingredients – Australia is known worldwide for its pure and unpolluted land where our key ingredients are natively grown and wild harvested. With the high standards set by the Australian government you can rest assured that we have the highest quality.

Active Formulations – Our formulas are 100% naturally derived and up to 99% organic with high levels of bio-active ingredients with our serums containing up to 15% of potent actives that are already 10 times stronger than the regular extracts on the market.

Please use our products sparingly to start!

Testimonials –

Caren – Love! Love! Love! I have used the same skin care for over 10 years but after trying sempre’s range I won’t be going back. I highly recommend it!

Krystal – I have combination skin and have tried numerous skin care products previously. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft without it feeling tight and dry and the facial oil gives moisture without making my skin more oily throughout the day. I absolutely love your products and am so thankful to have found a skin care range that is very reasonably priced and contain natural ingredients. I will definitely continue to use the cleanser and facial oil and am excited to try the face mask.

Vanessa – I have very sensitive skin that use to always break out in a rash after cleansing my face HOWEVER I have been using Sempre for nearly two years and have NEVER experienced this while using the Botanical range!
Every morning and every night I cleanse, tone and moisturise and my face feels hydrated and smooth. Once a week I use the facial oil which helps maintain my lovely glow.
Do not know where I would be without out you lovely ladies – thank you for such a beautiful product.

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